MR•NET - the multi-wan cellular bonding router

Want the ultimate in reliable internet? MR NET is a multi-WAN cellular bonding router that provides you fast, reliable internet virtually anywhere. Scroll down to learn more!

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Use Cases

  • Remote Live Streaming: Ideal for journalists, vloggers, and event organizers who need to broadcast live video from locations without stable wired internet connections.

  • Mobile Offices: For professionals who work on-the-go, such as consultants and freelancers, ensuring a stable internet connection in various locations, including coffee shops, co-working spaces, or while traveling.

  • Emergency Response Communications: In disaster zones where traditional communication networks are down, MR NET can provide a reliable means of communication for emergency responders and aid workers.

  • Telemedicine in Rural Areas: Doctors and medical professionals can use the device to offer remote consultations and telehealth services in rural or underserved areas with poor broadband infrastructure.

  • Field Research and Data Collection: For scientists and researchers working in remote areas, ensuring a stable connection for transmitting research data, video feeds, or real-time collaboration with colleagues.

  • Construction Site Management: Enables real-time communication and data transfer from construction sites, where traditional broadband may not be available, for project management and monitoring.

  • Transport and Logistics: In the transportation industry, MR NET can provide a constant internet connection for tracking vehicles, managing logistics, and ensuring communication between drivers and dispatchers.

  • Retail Pop-Up Stores: For temporary retail locations or pop-up stores, ensuring a stable and fast internet connection for point-of-sale systems, inventory management, and customer service.

  • Outdoor Events and Festivals: Providing high-bandwidth internet access for event organizers, vendors, and attendees in outdoor settings where traditional internet connections are unavailable.

  • Remote Education and Training: Facilitating online education and training sessions in areas with limited access to broadband, ensuring that students and trainees can participate in virtual classrooms and access educational resources.


What is Cellular Bonding?

Cellular bonding is a cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances internet connectivity by combining multiple cellular signals into a single, robust connection. This innovative process involves aggregating bandwidth from various cellular networks, such as 4G LTE or 5G, to create a unified, high-speed internet link. Cellular bonding is especially beneficial in areas with limited or unreliable broadband access, as it utilizes multiple SIM cards from different carriers to optimize signal strength and data speed.This technology ensures a stable and fast internet experience, making it ideal for applications like live streaming, remote work, and telemedicine. By intelligently distributing data across multiple channels, cellular bonding offers a fail-safe against network interruptions, ensuring consistent connectivity even in challenging environments. This approach is revolutionizing how we access and use the internet, particularly in mobile or remote settings, where traditional internet solutions fall short.


Why this box is different?

The MR NET multi-wan router is different the competition. We have tested and used other cellular bonding solutions that are video only based, or router based and nothing performs like MR NET.

  • 3 cellular modems (sim slots): Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

  • WAN port for local internet from your internet service provider to add to bonding.

  • 24/7 monitoring and technical support - internet that just works!

  • Proprietary algorithm that spreads every data packet over all available networks for security and reliability.

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  • $999 - Router Hardware (one time)

  • $1,499 - Bonding service and 24/7 support (yearly)

  • $8/GB for data usage

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